• Location: Eastanollee, GA
  • Date Foaled: 2018
  • Height: 16.3h
  • Color / Markings: Bay Tobiano (EEAaTt W20/n)
  • Breed: Drum
  • F Status: F2 Drum
  • Sire: Alexander the Great PRR
  • Dam: Alexandria
  • Other Registries: none
  • Stud Fee: $1000
  • Services Offered: Chilled, Live Cover


“Beau” is an F2 drum stallion (G: 37.5%; S: 50%; C: 12.5%) who is a grandson of the famous Galway Warrior. Currently, he is advancing in his dressage career under the guidance of Jared Beasley Sport Horses in Liberty, SC. In addition, he excels at trail riding and pleasure driving; working equally well in single or double harness. This year, his first round of foals are hitting the ground with some already beginning their show careers later this fall. We are honored to stand him as a stud to the public for chilled shipments or live cover. Mares from across various backgrounds and breeds have sought him out for his calm and dependable demeanor, incredible athleticism, and superior conformation. ~~~ Beau is PSSM negative through parentage ~~~ First chilled shipment is free. Every shipment after is $400 to collect & ship. Mare care is $10/ day which includes feed and hay and private turnou

Loretta Bradfield