We, the Board of Directors and Committee Members of the International Drum Horse Association (IDHA), in carrying out our role of providing service to the International Drum Horse Association Registry, recognize the need to do so in a professional manner, and to deal with the public and our colleagues with the highest degree of integrity. Therefore, we have set forth the following creed which shall govern our endeavors to fulfill our obligations:

We undertake to conduct all business affairs with integrity, sincerity and accuracy in an open and forthright manner. To act with integrity in financial dealings with members, other professionals and the public. To adhere to the professional standards of the IDHA and to work to further its goals and objectives.

We further undertake to refrain from engaging with IDHA members, other professionals and members of the public, in any manner that would bring disrepute to our association.

When posting and engaging with IDHA members and the public on social media, we promise to be conscientious of how we present ourselves and communicate with others so as to be respectful of the association. We understand that even in voicing opinions not shared by the entirety of the board, our conduct can be viewed as a representation of the board, and ultimately the association.

We will not compromise our personal integrity or the IDHA’s reputation and trust in exchange for any short-term gain. We will make ethical choices with integrity, honesty, and compliance guiding our decision making, as this builds trust in each other and with our membership and the general public. We will always be transparent about our motives, learn from our mistakes, and ask for help when faced with difficult situations.

We expect ourselves as leaders and managers to foster a culture where Directors and members feel free to ask questions and raise concerns when something doesn’t seem right.

With regard to professional conduct, while acting on behalf of the IDHA we will practice:

• Integrity by maintaining an ongoing dedication to honesty and personal responsibility;
• Trustworthiness by acting in a reliable and dependable manner;
• Equity by treating others with fairness and impartiality;
• Respect by treating others with civility and decency, not engaging in bullying, intimidation or intentional physical harm;
• Stewardship by exercising custodial responsibility for IDHA property and resources;
• Confidentiality by protecting the integrity and security of IDHA’s information such as records, executive meeting discussions, Directors personal matters, and contract negotiation documents.

Furthermore, we agree to adhere to the following expectations:

1. Directors are expected to carry out their instructions, duties and responsibilities as set forth in the descriptions of their positions with care and competency and as directed by those with authority to assign the work.
2. Directors are expected to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of confidential records and information.
3. Directors are expected to be truthful, accurate and complete when providing information to anyone responsible for gathering information on behalf of IDHA.
4. Directors are expected to come to meetings as scheduled.
5. Directors are expected to respect IDHA property and equipment, to use it only for appropriate purposes and not to convert it for inappropriate or personal use.
6. Directors are expected to use care in guarding IDHA passwords and not to share, borrow, steal or use them for an inappropriate purpose.
7. Directors are expected to respect the rights of others to be free of bullying, harassment, intentional physical harm or intimidation.
8. Directors are expected to respect the rights of others to be free from intentional or personally directed abusive or offensive language.
9. Directors are expected to display courteousness and use good judgment in dealing with the public and others in the IDHA community.
10. Directors will act in a manner that will safeguard the confidentiality and security of decidedly sensitive issues and information.

Any alleged violations of this policy should first be reported to the President as appropriate. It is expected that the recipient of the information regarding the alleged policy violation will investigate and report findings to the BOD for any action required.