The Drum Horse is a relatively new breed, combining the Clydesdale, Shire, and Gypsy Horses to develop a Heavy Horse breed with natural athletic ability, a sensible attitude, and an ability to turn their hoof to almost anything. The best attributes of each of those individual breeds has created the Drum Horse we know today – a hybrid Draft Horse if you will. Named after a job they do; the Drum Horses are an important member of the King of Englands Band of the Lifeguards. They have had a long and illustrious role in the English Military and all Military Drum Horses carry the rank of Major.

The development of the Drum horse as a breed started in the early 2000’s when the American Drum Horse Association was formed, a dedicated group of individuals with a common goal of developing a new breed specifically to fill the gap of a large heavy horse. They developed the breed standard we know today with a specific focus on athleticism, agility, and performance making it suitable for most equine disciplines.  In 2012 the International Drum Horse Association (IDHA) was officially created and cemented in place a path to implement that breed standard with the introduction of breeding guidelines and ways to develop and promote this exciting new breed on an international level – many Associations now refer to the IDHA breed standards and adopt them as their own.  Its thanks to those people in the early days who had the foresight to keep records and start the registry; the IDHA now has a comprehensive Stud Book of Drum Horses and members alike from all around the world.

Today’s Drums can be any colour and are classified by the minimum or maximum percentage of Gypsy blood, each generation holds. Although any height is permitted, Premium Drum Horse Status is most desirable and only those that reach over 16hh before or by their seventh birthday can achieve this. The Drum horses are by nature, reliable, sensible with a solid work ethic, fabulous looks and a genuine love of people, all things we look for when breeding good horses.

The Drums are proving to be worthy ridden, driving, work and companion animals and the popularity of them is increasing rapidly, a true testament to the breed. There now Drum Horses representing most of the equine disciplines around the world from Jousting to Dressage and everything in between. – The best attributes of the Clydesdale, Shire and Gypsy Cob creates the amazing Drum Horse.

The International Drum Horse Association is incredibly proud to be behind this remarkable new breed – they truly are like no other. We are fully committed to bringing this horse from type to an official breed in the coming years.

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