Why to Become a Member?

Our list of Benefits is growing every year. We are always striving to make the IDHA work for the members. Being able to vote or run for the board helps support the Drum breed and the direction the IDHA moves in.

We have a team working to get the Drum Horse Breed accross the world!

Please join us.

Why to Become a Member?
  • Discounts on Transfer and Registration of horses.
  • Free Stallion Sale Listings
  • Drum Beat Magazine
  • End Of Year Awards
  • ROM Program
  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Discounted Virtual Shows

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Drum Horse! We at the IDHA would like to welcome you to the only registry dedicated solely to the International Drum Horse.

Throughout the past several years we have grown by leaps and bounds, with members joining our Association from all over the world. Currently we have IDHA members in the following countries: The United States (43 States!), Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, and Scotland.

IDHA members are entitled to access to the Drum Horse studbook and DrumBeat newsletter. Members are also eligible to enter their horses into our Record of Merit Program (upcoming), End of Year Awards Program, and the USDF All-Breed Awards Program. Members can also post classified ads on our website at no cost as well as receive discounted registration and transfer fees.

We want to invite you to join our membership, because without our members, we couldn’t move forward in developing our Drum Horse breed. We look forward to watching the future horses that are produced within each of your breeding programs and look forward to getting closer to our goal of transitioning from type to breed! Any questions? We are an email away!

$65Annual Individual Membership (1 vote)
$100Annual Family Membership (2 votes)
$500Lifetime Individual Membership (1 vote)
$750Lifetime Family Membership (2 votes)
$30Annual Associate (non-voting, non-Drum owner)
$25Annual Junior (under 18, non-voting)