Welcome to the International Drum Horse Association new and improved memberships, registration and forms

Once you have completed and submitted your registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail to say we have got
it. Your application will go directly to our registrar who checks all the information is correct, that all attachments are
included, and at this time, if you need to submit a hair sample and send it to us, we will forward it to the
University of Kentucky for DNA testing. If everything is in order when the DNA is a certified match, your horse will be
added into the official stud book, and we will send you a Breed certificate with the IDHA seal of authenticity.

While we try to make the turnaround as swift as we can, we can say 4-6 weeks is common (we are working on ways
to make this shorter). If you’ve not heard back after that time, please send an e-mail to IDHARegistrar@yahoo.com
and we’ll follow it up. This has been a big undertaking and we’re aware there may be teething issues to begin with
(there are still printable versions available should you require them – please send a request to
IDHAdrumhorse@yahoo.com to receive them).
Electronic payments are preferred however, if you wish to pay via cheque, please make them payable to the
International Drum Horse Association.
International Payments can be made via Paypal, bank transaction or international cheque.

**ALL DNA certificates must be on file with the Univ. of KY, from another registry or an approved tester.

We are encouraging all international members to take advantage of the promotion due to finish at the end of 2023.
*INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION** For anyone located outside of North America, we are running a registration sale
through the end of 2023 – registration for any Drum Horse, any age, will be $50. This fee covers a registration for
your Drum, including DNA testing, and an annual membership for the owner.

LEASE AGREEMENT FORM – this form is recommended for any horse being used for a breeding and/ or show lease.
There is no fee, but forms must be submitted to the current IDHA Registrar at the start of the lease to be considered valid.