Battle River Ink

  • Location: Shingle Springs, CA
  • Date Foaled: 2013
  • Height: 18.1h
  • Color / Markings: Bay (EE/AA/W20W20)
  • Breed: Clydesdale
  • F Status: Foundation Horse
  • Sire: Willow Way Bacardi
  • Dam: Battle River Onyx
  • Other Registries: CBUSA
  • Stud Fee: $1,000
  • Services Offered: Chilled Semen, Live Cover



Grand champion stallion at the 2017 Draft Horse Classic. Driven and ridden (including Sidesaddle) in parades, charity functions and the California State Fair, but quiet enough to enjoy trail riding and horse camping. Produces versatile and personable offspring. Clean legs and an abundance of feather. LFG

Loretta Bradfield