• Location: Marietta OK (until 6/1/22) then Reno, NV
  • Date Foaled: 2017
  • Height: 16.1h
  • Color / Markings: Chestnut Sabino Leopard Spotted (ee aa n/Sb1 n/W20 LP/n)
  • Breed: Drum
  • F Status: F1 Drum
  • Sire: Northern Lights Midnight Masquerade GVHS# GV02531
  • Dam: Bog Bank Ruby SHS# 148718
  • Other Registries: none
  • Stud Fee: $1,200
  • Services Offered: Chilled, Frozen, and Live Cover



Flint has incredible feather, excellent conformation and is a gorgeous mover! He’s been in training with Tracey Osborne at Broken T Ranch and because he was growing so fast we held off on showing him until this year. Flint’s first foal was born last year and is a beautiful F2 black leopard spotted colt owned by Regalus Drums. This will be Flint’s first year standing to the public, and we are very excited to see what he produces!

Loretta Bradfield